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KleinKinder Montessori and Willow Barn Montessori 

KleinKinder is early years Montessori education for 0-6 year olds, in a homely environment.

Willow Barn is primary Montessori education for 6-12 year olds. 

We are based at The White Cottage, in Lower Peasedown on the edge of the Cam valley in Somerset, 6 miles south of Bath and close to Radstock and Midsomer Norton, 

KleinKinder and Willow Barn are open 8:30am-4pm, Monday-Friday, term time, only.

At KleinKinderand and Willow Barn, children are introduced to the Montessori curriculum. Each area of the curriculum is first introduced in a 'concrete' manner enabling the children to be able to form imprints in his/her brain of the many concepts in the curriculum, then the child is gradually taken through a series of stages moving the child's understanding to a more 'abstract' way of thinking. 

This is as well as being able to just enjoy the setting, care for the animals or have a go at the many countryside-based activities on offer. 

The idea is for the children to be able to take responsibility for looking after the animals and making their own food. 

There are many practical and creative activities to choose from after the chores are done, with emphasis on "having a go" rather than a precise, adult-led, organised scenario. So many childcare settings are highly organised for the efficient running of the setting that the natural flow of the day that a child might follow is taken away from them. We want the children to feel what they would like to do next rather than be told what's going to happen, enabling them to get in touch with their own creativity and to be able to relax and enjoy themselves!

KleinKinder means 'small children'.

Children will need to dress according to the season and bring a spare set of clothes. Sturdy footwear or wellington boots are required all year round and sunblock, sunhats and waterproofs when necessary. 

Registration forms will need to be completed on arrival.  

To learn more, contact us today!

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Anne Shiner 07954038272

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